Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wanna Laugh? April 3, 2009

I just couldn't choose one video! Did you recognize the melody of the song? It's the opening song from CARS by Sheryl Crow. Veronica loves to laugh, but so do the rest of the kids!

Daddy and Isabella Chatting March 31, 2009

As you can see Isabella is very strong and is holding hear head up with such ease..a little wobbly, but that's okay.

Priceless Moments March 29, 2009

Michael loves to be the big brother and hold Isabella, but it is so over when his arms get tired. Veronica sits at her piano to play her music all the time.

More of Michael's Dancing Skillz March 26, 2009

What can I say? Just watch and enjoy!

The Clark Girls Hanging Out March 24, 2009

This was a Tuesday when all the girls were home together. Probably avoiding going outside on a cold of course I take pictures. Isabella is 7 weeks in these photos and boy oh boy, did I have a time getting that picture of all four of us. So funny!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mia's Day to Pose! March 11, 2009

For some reason Mia came home from school and just wanted to keep saying "cheese" for my camera, so of course I just kept clicking! She is such a Cutie Pie! The picture with Mia and Phil is the best!

The Clark Kids at Penns Landing March 8, 2009

We had a fun time at Penns Landing. Veronica had an opportunity to practice her great walking skills and Michael and Mia just ran around like they always do. They get such a kick out looking at the bridge and saying.."hey, we walked up there!"

Mia Gets Tubes and Adenoids Removed March 6, 2009

Mia got tubes and her adenoids removed just like Michael. She was such a big girl. When they gave her the silly juice she was a little goofy...hugging people and walking behind other patients closed curtains, just to say hello. She cried when she woke up, but soon quieted down once she got her apple juice and graham crackers. So now Mia has "super ears" also!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Does this look familiar?! Ha! March 2, 2009

So it's happened again! Another child, Veronica, has gotten themselves stuck under the Leap Frog Activity table. Somewhere in this blog you will find a video of Mia stuck also. Parenthood is so much fun!

Isabella's Baptism March 1, 2009

Oh the Joy! February 25, 2009

Being a mommy is the best! Hard work, but a lot of fun!

Daddy and the Girlz February 23, 2009

They love Daddy and Daddy loves them!

This one year old can read! February 20, 2009

Abraham Michael Lincoln February 17, 2009

Michael was learning about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington at school..He really likes his Abraham Lincoln hat!