Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

Our Memorial Day weekend started off on Saturday morning taking three and a half hours to shop for food at our local farmers' market. Obviously, we don't just shop. While walking we stop to do cartwheels in the grass and the perfect picture opportunity came up when Phil sat down in the grass with Veronica. Of course I call over to Mia and Michael to come sit next to their Daddy and without pause they come a runnin'. Eager as always to be with their Dad. It's just too sweet. I think you will agree. The rest of the day goes by so fast because we are so worn out from walking , (Veronica is the only one in the stroller) that we all spend the rest of the afternoon taking a nap. Sunday was fun because not only did the kids get to enjoy the Please Touch Museum they also got to hang out at a McDonald's that had an awesome indoor play space. The kids enjoyed a great lunch and that stop helped keep Mia from falling asleep in the minivan. So, nap time once again and the after dinner we went to Cosi. This is the first time that Michael and Mia have experienced S'mores! Check out their reaction when our order was brought to the table. Michael just liked eating the chocolate and marshmallows while Mia enjoyed every bite of s'mores. It went over so well that we went out and found a s'mores kit we can have some at home whenever we want. Big news about Veronica..she had her first laugh today. It was great! Sorry, there's no video because I didn't see it coming. I will do my best to catch it next time.

So Mia had a scare, but it was hilarious to me! Hopefully she will laugh at this video when she is older.
Michael has perfected his eye winking talent. He had been practicing in the mirror. This should make you laugh. Here's looking at you, kid.

We ended our weekend with a great BBQ dinner at Famous Dave's and returned home to have some S'mores. I can't wait for next weekend! Ha!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where's Kirra?

Phil loves the blog, but wondered why there weren't more pictures of me. So I grabbed the camera and the kids and took about 15 pictures. Can you believe there were only two good shots. Looking at these pictures, I see three children and I laugh at myself because they are all mine. I'm not babysitting them. They stay and they are ALL MINE and Phil's too. YIPPEE!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Veronica Speaks!

If you would like to enjoy some baby chatter, push play!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day (Weekend)!

Mother's Day turned into Mother's Day weekend. Friday night we went bowling at North Bowl. That was so much fun, but Michael kept smacking my butt right before I would bowl as if we were on a team and he was rooting for me to do well. That was Mia's first time and she got such a kick out of giving high fives and whooping it up after she would knock down a pin, of course with help. After bowling we had dinner at Rustica in Northern Liberties. Great pizza! Saturday, we did our normal shopping at Reading Terminal and hurried home so the kids could take a good nap before church. Yes, church on Saturday evening. That means that I don't have to get up on Sunday at 6:00am to get the kids ready and out the door by 7:45am because Phil is scheduled to read. YIPPEE! So, after church we went to Carrabas for dinner. Then we went to Wegmans. Why not? We were driving by at 9:30pm and said what the heck. The kids were wide awake and content. Let's do it! Sunday morning arrives and Phil is running out the door. I cook pancakes and sausage, although Phil had already prepared both items. We watched a few prerecorded shows on DVR and just hung out. No one got dressed and no one cared! Just what I needed. Michael made some flowers and a card for me at school. He did a wonderful job. Next year may be the year when I tell Phil that I want to be alone. Maybe not, we'll see. Hope everyone else had a Happy Mother's Day also!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Michael also likes to dance!

"We're having big fun!"

What a Mini Model!

Michael is a model in the making. He is always posing when I pull out the camera.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The threat of rain today...

...made me say no to going to the park today. Veronica, Mia and myself are hanging in the house today. Maybe I will get more laundry done today. I have always said that I would start the potty training process with Mia when we shed some layers of clothes. Well, that time have finally come. I hope she picks it up quickly. Buying two cases of diapers is getting old already. After Mia was born, I only had to buy two more cases of diapers for Michael. I think it's slightly delusional to think that the same thing will happen with Mia, but she does show signs of understanding the process. She likes flushing the toilet and watching what happens with the water. The habit of throwing her toothbrush into the toilet was broken a while ago. Mia did not like it when I would throw her toothbrush in the trash. Yuck! Next step: sitting on the potty longer than 30 seconds. I will let you know how it goes.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Veronica is a big girl now! Look at how strong her arms are. This picture was taken when she was 11 weeks.

The Clark Kids Really Love Each Other

Blogs are tough to keep up with.

I am a slacker..I will have to put myself on a schedule to download pictures and then make myself post right away. We are very busy in the Clark household. Weekday mornings are slightly frantic, but I still manage to get Michael to school at a reasonable hour, just in time for his favorite, circle time. Now that it's warm in the morning I have been taking Mia and Veronica to the park for some good morning fun. It's such a blast watching Mia enjoy the freedom that she has at the park. Because it is a fenced in park I can sit back and let her go. She knows that she is safe and I don't have to be a nagging mom who has to follow her around the park. No offense to anyone. Veronica usually catches a meal, gets her diaper changed and falls off to sleep in the stroller or in the baby carrier. Her mood decides which one I choose. Phil leaves before anyone wakes up. Michael and Mia look forward to seeing him at the end of the day.