Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Ultrasound: Johnathan or Isabella? July 22, 2008

So I had my first ultrasound today. I could see the flickering heartbeat and a very active baby moving around. I know it's hard to decipher ultrasound pictures, but I can tell that it is a baby; Can you? Phil was wishing that there was twins in my belly, but Thank God it's only one. I think God knows that I am not ready for that. Of course, if there were two I would have stepped it up, but whewww! I am so looking forward to the next ultrasound in about 8 weeks. I'm guessing it's another girl, but I won't know for sure until then. If this one turns out to be a girl I think we'll be seeing a 5th Clark baby on the horizon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 14, 2008 Baby Beethoven.. very entertaining for Veronica, but who would have thought that it would still be entertaining for 4 year old Michael. Go figure!

Bumbo Chair July 13, 2008

I heard about this crazy Bumbo chair years ago, but I didn't see the point to it. Well, this is one baby product that has changed my mind. I had been sitting on a gift certificate that we received when Veronica was born. I had been plotting on a new diaper bag, but when I went to Babies R'Us it wasn't there. So of course I had to see what new products had been released since Mia was born. There was this mountain of Bumbo chairs. Nothing new, but I took a closer look at it. Reading the details on the box made me seriously consider purchasing the chair. It adverstises that a baby can sit up in this chair unassisted. Veronica really likes to be upright, so I thought it would be perfect for her. Well, I got the chair home..sat her in it, fed her cereal in it and she just hung out for a little while. But the true test came when I went to get my hair braided. That is a four hour process and Veronica spent one hour sitting in this chair watching Baby Beethoven on the portable DVD player. I was totally sold. I went on and threw the receipt away because this chair was not going back to the store. This could be my new baby shower gift! Who' s next to get pregnant!

Veronica is on the move! July 11, 2008

Check out Veronica's super bad moves!

She knows what she wants and she's gonna go get it!

Our love of Rieme and empty boxes. July 3, 2008

This is the one drink that the whole family can drink and enjoy! We go through a case of this fizzy goodness monthly. Michael and Mia love the fizzy drink and laugh when it hits the back of their throats. Just when you think it's too much for them, they ask for more.

Happy Happy Siblings! June 28, 2008

Yes, I know Mia looks absolutely nutty, but this is the best picture I had that had all three children looking at the camera and modeling the t-shirts. "I'm the BIG brother, I'm the BIG sister and I'm the BABY!

Just hanging out...looking for bugs. June 28, 2008

Michael loves looking for bugs..any kind of bug. He loves to pick up ants and let them crawl on his hands. He even likes looking at bugs that are dead on the sidewalk. Michael spotted a cockroach and just had to stop and study it. He is even trying to get Mia into the business of bugs. Yea for Mommy! (sarcasm)

Mia's Birthday (actual) June 26, 2008

Although Mia had a birthday party with a cake, I really wanted her to have another cake on her birthday. Pretty much a mini version of what she had at her party. Michael was very happy to see another cake appear in the house. He is a cake fanatic! As you can see Mia was very satisfied also.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Veronica's First Cereal June 22, 2008

Veronica likes her cereal! We made a mess of it, of course, but it has gotten much better. She has the mechanics down. Probably in another month I will start making her baby food, then on to hamburgers, just kidding!

Mia Turns 2! June 22, 2008

Mia had a wonderful time at her birthday party. It was very easy for me to pick a theme for her. Mia is a huge fan of Dora the Explorer. I can only go for one episode at a time, but you gotta go with what they like. You should hear her sing the theme song. I can't even guess what the theme will be next year. Mia had a professional styling session with a friend who owns a clothing store. She tried on three dresses, but this one was the cutest and we could tell that she liked it also. There is a matching hat to set the whole outfit off. I made the cake. Your basic yellow with white chocolate buttercream. All the little hands kept reaching before we sang "Happy Birthday!" I also made her a birthday shirt because I was so determined to not ruin that dress with buttercream. Mia feeds herself well, but when it comes to cake, she likes to just pick it up with her hands. One of Mia's gifts came wrapped with colorful touches, so we turned them into a boa and a fierce headband. I truly can't wait until the next party.